Product Variety

One thing we focus on is ...

... our central warehouse. Besides the standard products made by brand manufacturer of renowned, we carry miniature bulbs up to 2.000W floodlights.

Not less impressive is our wide range of luminaires, lighting systems and the corresponding components (such as ballasts, lampholders, ...) which are available from stock.

Due to the enormous diversity we can only give a short overview about our product line which is available from stock. Below you can find a list of product groups we serve.

For light bulbs and spare parts (e.g. ballasts) also for luminaires/light fittings we do have a price list for resellers where all parts are headed, which we can send on request. Also you do have the opportunity to visit our Online-Shop.


Luminaires / lighting systems

For following categories we do serve lighting solutions:


•  Luminaires made of plastic

•  Recessed luminaires

•  Downlights

•  Luminaires surface/wall mounted and suspended

•  Decorative lighting

•  Electrical lighting tracks

•  Spotlights

•  Profile systems for LED strips

•  Profile luminaires

•  Waterproof luminaires

•  Industrial lighting

•  Emergency luminaires

•  Outdoor: recessed and surface mounted & Downlights

•  Outdoor: Bollard

•  Outdoor: Facade lighting

•  Outdoor: floodlight

•  Outdoor: Pole-Top luminaires for street lighting


For a huge range of our luminaires we provide a lot of datasheets also as information material in our download area:


>  to the download area




Following lamps we do provide:


•  LED retrofit luminaires

•  Halogen lamps Low-Voltage and High-Voltage

•  Fluorescent luminaires and compact versions

•  Energy saving lamps

•  Discharge lamps

•  Miniature-, Festoonlamps

•  Lamps for medical use

•  Traffic lamps

•  Lamps for projectors and for Stage and Studio use

•  LED Strips

Some of these lamps will be run out because of the EU regulations. For further information please contact our sales team.

Spare parts and components

Following spare parts and components for lighting use we do provide:


•  Magnetic ballasts

•  Electronic ballasts

•  Magnetic ballasts vor discharge lamps

•  Electronic ballasts for discharge lamps

•  Ignitors

•  Lampholders for halogen lamps low- and high-voltage

•  Lampholders for fluorescent lamps

•  Lampholders for high pressure discharge lamps

•  Lampholders waterproof

•  Lampholders for LED modules

•  Terminal blocks and connetors

Below you can find external links to the homepages of some manufactorers for the newest product information.


Links to manufacturers:

BJB | Technik für Licht

Lampholders and LED connection systems

Homepage BJB


Ballasts, Drivers & LED lighting solutions